Edit from : Sir Shina Adewale and the Superstars International "Super Stars New Sound-Verse 6 " (Wel-Kadeb records 1979) (Yoruba Juju)

Update from the post of september 2010 :
If you were around in 2010, I was posting this album form Segun Adewale & Shina Peters. A year later I was doing an edit for the dancefloor ( with my mate Chylo) of one of the track of this album "Oba oyebade lipede". My friends from Hard Fist Label issue it for free download on there soundcloud page...
Here it is, you can download it from the soundcloud link ! And the entire album from the link below Enjoy !

Great Juju stuff from the end of the seventies. (Thanks to Groovemonzter for the info) Segun Adewale and Shina Peters were young musicians playing with General Prince Adekunle in 1977 when they decided to form their own band, "Sir Shina Adwale & the Superstars International." During the next three years they released nine albums. The album posted here was their sixth. The sound here is really intersting. You'll hear a beat box in the last song, "oba oyebade lipede"  is just amazing.
You'll find some more LP of Sir Shina Adewale here, on the great blog of Groovmonzter, and if you like Juju music, here you'll find other posts from my blog.
Face A
1-A dupe
3-Semi lomo lodo re
4-Gba olorun gbo
5-Be o m'okun
6-Superstars new sound
Face B
2-Osupa ola mi atandale
3-Rogbodiyan aiye yi po ju
4-Eleda mi ja fun mi
5-Eke loju yio ti
6-Oba oyebade lipede (alake of egbaland)
Excellent album de Juju de la fin des années 70. Segun Adewale et Shina Peters étaient musiciens au sein de l'orchestre de Prince Adekunle, un des maîtres du genre. En 1977 ils montent leur propre groupe et, en trois ans, pondent 9 albums. Celui-ci est le 6e. Le son est plutôt étonnant dans la mesure ou vous pourrez entendre, outre les synthés psychés, une boite à rythme...
Vous trouverez d'autres albums de Shina Adewale ici sur l'excellent blog de Groovemonzter, et si vous êtes fans de Juju je vous invite à parcourir les posts du blog sur le sujet ici.

download Sir Shina Adewale and the Superstars International "Super Stars New Sound-Verse 6"

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