Joe Nez and The Top Six LP (Nigeria-Anodisc-1977)

Joe Nez was a Nigerian singer from the Imo State. He was used to sing in english and in Igbo. It's hard to have informations on him (if you have so let me know)....He was singing highlife during the beginning of the sixties, and then he formed his own band in the mid seventies, named Joe Nez and the Top Six. I found only three album from them in his
discography by John Beadle (from Likembe). This one was recorded in 1977 for Anodisc records in Nigeria. A side's got a reggae mood, the two first track of B side are anedoctics ballads. My favourite track of this LP is the last one, "Mona come back", which 's got a perfect soul mood....Unfortunately, Joe Nez died in 1979. A tribute to his work was published in 1988 by the Scantone label.

Joe Nez était un chanteur Nigerian originaire d'Imo Sate. Il a commencé sa carrière dans les années 60 dans le registre du highlife, comme tout le monde à l'époque...Il n'y a pas tellement d'informations le concernant si ce n'est celles que j'ai pu glaner sur sa discographie (ici, que l'on doit à John Beadle du blog Likembe). Dans les années 70, il monte son propre groupe, Joe Nez and The Top Six et sort trois albums avec. Celui-ci est le 2e. La face A est trés "reggae-orientée". Sur la face B, deux ballades plutôt anecdotiques. Par contre, le dernier morceau de l'album, "mona come back" est une grosse tuerie soul....Joe Nez est mort en 1979, le label nigerian Scantone a publié une compilation de son travail en 1988.

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Sample : "Mona come back"

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