Congolese Rumba Pieces (45T)

It's been a month now I haven't post something, so today I'll try to balance...
Let's go to Zaïre, ex-Congo Belge and futur R.D.C to hear a few rumba 45 from the great sixteen area....

First one is from the great Franco's (Luambo Makiadi) band, it is not under the name of O.K Jazz, apparently because of licence issues with one of his record company. This EP is beautiful (if you like rumba). The first song is a bossa nova version of "Je t'attends", a famous song of the french singer Charles Aznavour. It's sung by a woman, seems to be Henriette Bora Uzima, if you want to know more about this EP go to Worldservice blog here you'll find a very interresting and informed post (as always...).

The second 45T is credited to Franco & l'O.K Jazz. Marie-Cecile is my favourite, but Marie-Elena's got also a lot of charm, even if she's got a slower mood...Again, check Worldservice post about this 45T to go further.

At the beggining of the sixties, two bands where the leaders of rumba style, Franco & L'Ok Jazz & Grand Kalle & African Jazz, some of the greatest musicians from those groups formed their own band after the mi-sixties. Tabuley Rochereau and Docteur Nico where originally members of the African Jazz. They formed the African Fiesta, before splitting in two groups at the early beggining of the seventies. So here they are, Docteur Nico with his African Fiesta Sukisa, with a great rumba-soukous stuff. I really like his horn section.

And then, Le Seigneur Rochereau & the Orchestre Afrisa (L'International) with a kind of jerk-tribute to Cassisus Clay aka Mohamed Ali recorded in 1972 two years before the legendary fight between Ali and Foreman in Kinshasa. On the B side a nice rumba-soukous.

Two less known bands (for western audience) to finish this post. L'Orchestre Cobantou first, lead and founded by Paul Ebengo aka "Dewayon. He was a great friend of Franco and they learned guitar together while they were teenagers, you 'll find more about there relationship here (at Worldservice). Great rumba stuff.
Last but not least, Serge Batangisa & L'Orchestre Grand Micky whom I have no informations on, not one. It's been recorded in 1970 on the Fiesta label. I really like the work of the voices and the typical guitars of the rumba.

Download links
Orchestre Franco (Pathé-Emi, EP)

Franco et l'Orchestre O.K Jazz (N'Goma,45T)

Dr Nico & L'African Fiesta Sukisa (African, 45T)

Le Seigneur Rochereau & Orchestre Afrisa (L'International) (African, 45t)

Orchestre Cobantou (African, 45T)

Serge Batangisa & L'orchestre Grand Micky (Fiesta, 1970, 45T)

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