Sunday Jam n°16-Crossing the baha

1- Dolor Et Ses Etoiles - Bourrique La
2- Lord Cobra And Pana-Afro Sounds - Rocombey
3- Francisco - Fileo
4-Stehen Osita Osadebe-Nigeria Kanyi jikota
5-Okukuseku Band of Ghana lead by Chief Sami Koffi - Maame A Wawuyi
6-Anzala, Dolor & Velo - ti fi la ou te madam
7- Pinduca - vamos farrear  (Brésil)
8- Ed Lincoln - e nou vo mais (Brésil)
9- Orquestra e Coro - Kriola (Brésil)
10-Mighty Shadow - dat soca boat (Trinidad)
11- Di Melo - Aceito Tudo (Brésil)
12- Madras Express - age tendre (France)
13-Eddy Louiss-Mazurka Cacodou
14-Funkadelic-Undiscokid live
12-The Fabulettes-Muddy Waters
13-Ohio Players-Summertime
14-James Ironhead-Crossing the baha
15-Rudolph Johnson-The Highest Pleasure
16-The Awakening-Mode for D.D
17-Gil Scott-Heron & Midninght Band-Must Be Something
18-Terry Callier-The drifter

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