Prince Adekunle & his Western State Brothers - MOLP 3 - Vol 2 (LP,Nigeria, Ibukun Orisun Iye Records,early 70s)

Prince Adekunle, in my opinion, is one of the most interresting musician in Nigerian Juju music. He's was born in Abeokuta in Ogun State, south-western of Nigeria. He has spent most of his carreer in the Ibukun Orisun Iye label. This album is the second of his discography and was recorded at the beggining of the seventies. The sound is quiet different than musicians like Ebenezer Obey or Kung Sunny Ade. His voice is very sweet, as the voices arrangements behind him are. Some kind of "gospel" feeling. I don't speak Yoruba, but I can easily imagine that the songs are litte stories of every day life built with local proverbs, as often with Adekunle, praises to a local notable or, as it seems to be on the B side, to members of his familly....If you speak Yoruba, and like to translate, you're welcome !

Prince Adekunle est un des musiciens favoris dans l'univers, riche et complexe, de la musique Juju. Il ne sonne pas du tout comme d'autres maîtres du genre, King Sunny Ade et autre Ebenezer Obey. J'aime beaucoup sa voix très claire ou encore les arrangements de voix derrière lui qui ont quelque chose proche du gospel. Il a beaucoup influencé la jeune garde du Juju début seventies, Shina Peters tout comme Segun Adewale ont démarré dans son orchestre. Je ne parle malheureusement pas Yoruba, cette langue qui chante tellement, mais j'imagine très bien qu'il raconte de petites histoires de tous les jours, mêlées de proverbes locaux, de louanges à certains notables, ou encore à des membres de sa famille si l'on en croit l'un des titres de la face B. Si un lecteur parle Yoruba et se prend l'envie de traduire, il est le bien venu ! 

Side A
1-Enia laso mi
2-Ore meta
3-Eyi o wu kawi
4-Ajagbe Oyewo
5-Late oba gbadebo 11
6-Egbe social circle

Side B
1-Orimi maje nmosi
2-Wa munu mi dun
3-Dr Afolabi Adekunle
4-Ijo Prince Adekunle
6-Baby na so

Discography by John Beadle, Likembe

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