Afrosouldescarga n°9 - Freedom Dance

1- Joya Sherill - Desdemona's lament
2-Adeolu Akinsanya (Baba Eto) & The Western Toppers Band - Lady eko
3-Star Number One De Dakar (Maguette N'Daye) -Mariyama
4-Jorge Ben - O Homem Da Gravata Florida
5-Los Orientales - La Danza del mono
6-Son Palenque - Cumbia Africana
7-Peter King - Freedom dance
8-John Heartsman - Talkin' about my baby
9-Mr Clean & The Soul Inc - What's going on
10-Sarah Webster Fabio- Jujus/Alchemy of the blues instrumental
11-Lee Fields - My world
12-Harrie Mudie & King Tubby - Heavy duty dub
13-Horace Silver - Señor Blues (Live)
14-Babs gonzales - Lullaby of the doomed

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