Sunday Jam n°46-Slick city

i've just changed some stuff with the blog, i'm not very ready yet, sorry if there's some problems, don't hesitate tell me...i'm very bad with that;;;bit the most important is still  there, the music...Enjoy !

Baba Commandant--Waso
Jeri JeriDub Dafa Nekh
Neba Solo - unknown (for me)
Kengue Kengue Orutu System-Obura jabilo
Okukuseku International Band of Ghana - Any trouble
Lone Ranger-Automatic
Burning Spear-Rocking time
Jennifer Lara-Consider me
The Supremes-Your heart belongs to me
Universouls-New generation
Soul President-Got to have it
TNT Boys-Musica del alma
Di Melo-Se o mundo acabasse em mel
James Mason-Slick city
Mad Man Jaga-Mama wam
Eddie Harris-Get On Down
Hugh Masekela-Melodi (Sounds of Home)
Ayetoro (Directions in music by Funsho Ogundipe)-Mr Xyz
Oneness of Juju-West wind
Joe Henderson- 3 sur inner urge
Tete Mbambisa - Trane Ride

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