Afrosouldescarga n°15-Petit à Petit and OSEMAKO (Afrobeat & Highlife Band)

1-Isley Brothers-Who's that lady (early version)
2-Alain Peters-Rest' là Maloya
3-Mark Holder-Saturday Night Reggae
4-Freddie McGregor-I man a Rasta
5-Prince Pampidoo-Dip them bedward
6-Frentecumbiero-Guachaca dub
7-Sign of four-Sun suite agaricus campestris
8-Damon Albarn, Tony Allen & Flea-Lolo
9-Jose James-Park bench people
10-OSEMAKO-Petit à Petit
11-Ceux Qui Marchent Debout-Handclapping Zone
12-Bob Ohiri & his Huhuru sounds-Ariwo yaa
13-Nkengas-Nkenga Special
14-Gwakasonné-Antilles et Mavounzy
15-Mwanga Paul et l'orchestre Affeinta Jazz-Mambu Ngolo Mena

Last Afrosouldescarga radio show for Radio Grenouille (Marseille 88.8fm or radiogrenouille.com) including the first track of a brand new Afrobeat band : OSEMAKO. Muyiwa Kunnuji was the last trompet player for Féla Kuti. He played almost fifteen years with the Egypt 80's and now lives in France where he's built his own formation.

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