Chief Bukka & his cultural group of Okrika (LP, Willysco Records, 1980)

Traditionnal music from the Okrika people recorded in 1980. Okrika is a port near Port Harcour in the Niger delta, it used to be one of the biggest slave port in the 18th century. It's now one the more polluted place in Nigeria because of the oil industry. This traditional music is really different from Juju or Fuji, it's the only LP I got from this kind of music. Hope you'll enjoy as I do...If you like this kind of traditionnal music, you'll find some more on the great Likembe blog...

Chief Bukka & his cultural group of Okrika

Otherwise, I know that there a lot of dead link in my first posts, I'm working on it....And since I have more time now than in the past months, I'll put more LP in the coming weeks...

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  1. Nice record! More music like this here:


  2. thanks for the infos...I've linked it...

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