Soul Descarga n°8 "Soul & Rocksteady - Part 2 Selector Florian "Jazz heads""

1-Jesse Belvin "you send me" (U.S.A,1957)
2-Etta James "come what may" (U.S.A,1957)
3-Gene & Eunice "ko ko mo" (U.S.A)1954)
4-The Jetts - Fresh Out Of Love [Take 1] (Kingston, 1965)
5-Johnny "Dizzy" Moore - Red Is Danger [Take 4] (Kingston, 1965)
6-Roland Alphonso - A Shot In The Dark [Take 3] (Kingston, 1965)
7-Jackie Opel - Turn To The Almighty [Take 2] (Kingston, 1963)
8-The Cliques "I'm in love with a girl" (U.S.A,1956)
9-The Teens Queens "my heart's desire" (U.S.A,1957)
10-Austin Faithful - Cry No More For Me (Kingston, (1966)
11-Carlton & His Shoes - never give your heart away (Kingston, 1966-70)
12-Basil Daley - Hold Me Baby (Kingston, 1966-70)
13-The Impressions - they don't know (U.S.A, 1968)
14-Joe Bataan - Young Gifted and Brown (New York, 1972)
15-The Joe Tex Band - Chocolate Cherry (U.S.A, 1968)
16-Alton Ellis - Working On A Groovy Thing (Kingston 1965-1973)
17-Alton Ellis - wide world (Kingston 1965-1973)
18-Alton Ellis - What Does It Take (To Win Your Love) (Kingston 1965-1973)
19-The Supremes - breath taking guy (U.S.A 1963)
20-Anna Raye - will you love my child

Bobby Hutcherson – Now
Richard Davis – Warm canto
Marcus Belgrave – Space oddyssey
Henry Franklin – Soft Spirit
Les Mccann – Sometimes I cry
Archie Whitewater – Cross country
Dave Pike – Shady street
Vincent Geminiani – Ophis le sepentaire
Hysear Don Walker – Children of the night
Shamek Farrah – First impressions
Harry Whitaker – Black renaissance
Hannibal – Mother’s land
Sons and Daughter of lite – Let the sun shine in
Lloyd Mc neill – Home Rule
Fitz core & the talismen – Musicaction I
Stone alliance – Sweetie-Pie

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