Black Rennaissance : Body, Mind and Spirit, 1976. 33T

On of my favourite jazz LP from the late seventies. Harry Withaker used to play organ and piano with the Roy Ayers Ubiquity during the seventies. In 1976, he decided to record his own album, with a great crew of musicians from the jazz area.
Woody Shaw on trumpet, Azar Lawrence on sax tenor and soprano, David Shnitter on tenor sax, Buster Williams on bass, Billy Hart on drums (on "black rennaissance), Howard King on drums (on "magic ritual), Mtume & Earl Bennet on percussion.
This album is a great kaleidoscope of the state of african-american music from the seventies, reflecting this important tryptic in this music : body, mind and spirit, i'd add politics....
(this LP is not so hard to find, if you like it, please buy it...)


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