African Memories- Congolese Rumba from the 50s (LP, Pathé Marconi)

Beautiful Congolese rumba compilation made by Gilles Sala, a french musician (from the west-indies) & music activist during the sixties, seventies and eighties. His selection is just the perfect one from the end of the fifties, beginning of sixties. Rock a Mambo is the first congolese rumba orchestra I discovered fifteen years ago...Since, there'e not a week without listening the sweet guitar of Nico...
Gilles Sala made this selection for Pathé after a long trip, "retour aux sources", in Africa.

African Memories- Congolese Rumba from the 50s (LP, Pathé Marconi)

1-Rock a Mambo-Merengue Nico
2-Rock a Mambo-Li do maravilla
3-African Jazz-Tembe nie
4-Nino-Micky mi queiro
5-Rock a Mambo-Oye Jacquy
6-Conga Jazz orchestra-Merengue conga jazz
7-African Jazz-Mokonzi ya mboka
8-Baguin & Orchestra Negro Band-Baguin de la vida
9-Baguin & Orchestra Negro Band-Bambanda bayini negro
10-African Jazz-Charley full
11-African Jazz-Gigina
12-Rock a Mambo-Merengue babalou

Rock a Mambo-Merengue babalou by James Stewart !

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  2. very nice! great to listen to early congolose music!

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