Afrosouldescarga n°15-Petit à Petit and OSEMAKO (Afrobeat & Highlife Band)

Afrosouldescarga 15-Petit à Petit by James Stewart !

1-Isley Brothers-Who's that lady (early version)
2-Alain Peters-Rest' là Maloya
3-Mark Holder-Saturday Night Reggae
4-Freddie McGregor-I man a Rasta
5-Prince Pampidoo-Dip them bedward
6-Frentecumbiero-Guachaca dub
7-Sign of four-Sun suite agaricus campestris
8-Damon Albarn, Tony Allen & Flea-Lolo
9-Jose James-Park bench people
10-OSEMAKO-Petit à Petit
11-Ceux Qui Marchent Debout-Handclapping Zone
12-Bob Ohiri & his Huhuru sounds-Ariwo yaa
13-Nkengas-Nkenga Special
14-Gwakasonné-Antilles et Mavounzy
15-Mwanga Paul et l'orchestre Affeinta Jazz-Mambu Ngolo Mena

Last Afrosouldescarga radio show for Radio Grenouille (Marseille 88.8fm or radiogrenouille.com) including the first track of a brand new Afrobeat band : OSEMAKO. Muyiwa Kunnuji was the last trompet player for Féla Kuti. He played almost fifteen years with the Egypt 80's and now lives in France where he's built his own formation. If you want more informations about Osemako, check the website Osemako. You can also find them on Osemako facebook page. The video was taken few month ago during a dress rehearsal.

OSEMAKO from Filmthemusic on Vimeo.

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