Sunday Jam n°45-Anoma Antu A

Tracklist :

Apollo International Band of Ghana - Jealousy
Opambuo International Band of Ghana - Madi ama
Peacocks International - Iwe Ewelam
Semi-Colon (LP, EMI)-Love them all
The Equals (LP, ICE)-Helena
Nkengas - Jungle funk (45')
Funkadelic - Undiscokid live
BLO-Don't put the form under me
B.B Collins & his Powerfull Believers - Anoma Antu A
Lonnie Lsiton Smith-I can't stand it
Dieuf-Dieul de Thiès-Jirim
Polyrythmo-Ou c'est lui ou c'est moi
Jackie Mitto - Juice Box
The Funkees - Baby I Need You
Orchestre Baobab - Adduna Jarul Nawo
Danyel Waro - Tikok
Barney Wilen - Zombizar
Alfred Panou & Art Ensemble of Chicago - je suis un sauvage
Ibo Combo-Cafe

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