Unesco Collection-Ba-Benzélé Pygmies (Field recordings, 1965, Central African Republic)

This two beautiful songs comes from a Ba-Benzélé pygmies tribe from Centre-Afrique. This material was collected in 1965 during field research organized by the department for Folk art and tradition of the Musée National Barthélemy Boganda in Bangui, Central African Republic. My preference goes to the first one…

Ba - Benzélé Pygmies - Song Of Rejoicing After Hunt (Centrafrique) by James Stewart !

Recordings, commentary & photographs by Simkha Arom in collaboration with Genevieve Taurelle. I find some time later to share the entire LP...

Ba - Benzélé Pygmies - Song Of Rejoicing After Safe Return From Hunt (Centrafrique) by James Stewart !

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