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Soul Descarga n°17 - Highlife & Guitar Band

1- Ebenezer Obey and his International Brothers Band - Ori Bayemi (Nigeria)
2- El Rego et ses commandos - nonvi towe ku (Bénin)
3- Cardinal Rex Lawson's & his Mayor's Band of Nigeria ((Nigeria)
4- Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe - Ngozy Ka (Nigeria)
5- City Boys Band - nya asem hwe (Ghana)
6- Orientals Brothers Kabaka international - Chukwu Keri Mmadu (Nigeria)
7-Tony Tete Harbor & The Stars heaters Of Nigeria - Tete Muo Bu Muo (Nigeria)
8-Peacocks Guitar Band - Eddie Quansa (Nigeria)
9-Okukuseku International Band of Ghana, led by Chief Sammy Kofi - Maame A Wawuyi  (Ghana)
10- Canadoes - FINE WOMAN (SOFRITO EDIT) (Ghana)
11-Oscar Neves - Mabelé (Angola)
12- Frimpong - Ensuo ayiri me (Ghana)
13- T.O Jazz - Osaman ba (Ghana)
14- Mike Ejeagha - Nyelu Nwa Ogbenye Aka (Nigeria)
15- St. Michael And His Oboshi International - Chukwu-di (Nigeria)
16- The Peacocks International guitar band - Onye aghala nwanneya (Nigeria)
17- Celestine ukwu & his philosophers national (Nigeria)
18- Nkengas - William Emeka Omambala (Nigeria)
19- Chief Ebenezer Obey - Ajoyio (Nigeria)
20- Celestine Ukwu & his Philosophers National - Onwu ama eze (Nigeria)

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